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In response I will say (and this was an addition Eric added to my question on the stream) Keith plays on his own time and on his own dime.
Honestly, it is very well possible to grind 10 character to lvl 300 since the start of 5.0
The main thing about this though is that it isn't "fun" enough for most players to actually do it. It is possible, of course, but the lack of incentive, or fun while doing it is what takes peoples away from this. The reward found in doing that isn't interesting enough for peoples to go grind CXP.
It is also the reason why so many rushed through the daily with the bug, because this content was fun again, because of higher population, higher interaction between players, the ease to open thirty crates at once... All of this is fun, sure. Still, it can become boring in the end, because you essentially do the same thing over and over. I was one of the first to use this intensive grind, I was also one of the first to stop it, because I didn't found any enjoyment in that anymore.

If Keith find this CXP grind fun enough for him to grind 10 characters at rank 300 then cool for him. Still, the majority of the playerbase don't exactly find it that appealing, which I can completely understand.
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