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In response I will say (and this was an addition Eric added to my question on the stream) Keith plays on his own time and on his own dime.

I can attest to that having worked in the field before. Programmers and managers do not have the time to enjoy the game they are working on while they are at the office. You would actually be surprised how time just seems to slip away with all of the planning sessions and meetings, not to mention implementation. And honestly, that is a smaller portion of the business day the actual execution.

Meetings and planning sessions seem to eat up every moment of everyday if BioWare Austin is anything like the technology firm I used to work for.
My other halfs a game programmer and whilst the games he works on are often on his screen it's not to play them per-say but to teat something very specific programmed is working/still working/fixed depending on what the go is at the time, with very little time for deviation from the course. Certainly no time to dig in and do anything productive in terms of game play.

There can be at times a lot of production discussions but more often then not what he is looking at is lines of code... more lines of code and... even more lines of code !