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10.05.2017 , 08:04 AM | #3
That's the word I was missing:


It was fun. The whole attitude seemed to be different for some reason, compared to streams we had in the past. Like some weight had been lifted off the team or they had reached a place where they were just kicking back and kind of enjoying the moment.

I like that about them. I hope we see more of that from Eric and see a lot more of Charles and Keith. Maybe we can have a NSFW stream where they can REALLY be themselves....LOL

And ERIC...yes, I am looking at you. Give Charles Admin access, yes that was one of my questions about his PMs.

There should be a rule: You show up on a stream, you are fair game to the rest of the community at large....LOL.

(I certainly hope that doesn't scare Charles off)
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