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I'll also chime in with a HM Assault on Tython story. I'm a 247 rating Seer Sage.
Pubside, Ebon Hawk. Queued with a few people from GF, tank/Shadow was a Sokan member. All 70s, tier 1+, tank joined with 212 armor. Slinger asks if we can do bonus, Guardian DCs. Tank immediately votes to kick. I didn't vote, so it stayed up for a bit, slinger ended up voting to kick after a few. Tank dies on first mob. We get to boss and slinger asks to kill trash on the sides for bonus. Tank says "do me a favour and stop talking." Finally manage to get to the boss, wiped 3 times. Finally I said "not going to be possible with a tank who's dragging cleave into the rest of the group doing circles around boss and standing in AoE through the whole fight. I got a pst saying "internet bullying is against biowares policies. Cease and desist immediately or find a new game to play"
I replied "LMFAO"
"Final warning"
Ignored so I never queue with him.
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