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10.05.2017 , 06:38 AM | #7972
I don't mind premades generally. Sure they often mean a very boring curbstopping if you end up teamed with them, or a match where your team never had a chance if queued against them, but what can be done to prevent that? Even if regs were limited to solo queues players would cheat the system by syncing their queues and dropping same faction matches where they got split up.

The only time I find premades aggravating, and this includes when I'm on the same team, is when they engage in sore winning. Obnoxious taunts of the other team gets under my skin even if they're my teammates, particularly if the only reason that trash-talking premade hero is crushing the leaderboard is because he's got a pocket skank tank(s) guarding him, a pocket healer(s) topping him up, all on FOTM classes in full BiS, on voice chat, against a bunch of randoms from a variety of classes and gear levels.

Of course that sort of behavior isn't limited to premades, I just find it more obnoxious when its from a player (or players) who queued with large built in advantages that aren't tied to player skill.