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I'm kind of amazed at some of the high numbers here, but when I add up all my alts together I get a much higher number myself. Guess I'm just too much of an altoholic. I still wonder if some people are packing in 8+ hours days though. I usually play 1-3 hours at a time at most.
Altoholics do 'suffer' from that issue. I've had a bit of a hiatus for the first half of the 5.X cycle, being bitterly disappointed with where things were headed, but aside from that, I've been known to pull 8+ hour days easily. Heck, I once calculated my /played time for just 2014*, and adding those up told me that I had spent two thirds of that entire year logged onto swtor characters. So essentially every waking hour, I guess.

But I have over 120 characters, so my highest played character is, right now, still 'only' at 70 days.

I've deleted at least two or three dozen characters since the start, so I'll never be able to tell the exact total, but I was just considering of adding it all up again once the merges have completed, making the process to check it a bit easier.

It's maybe a bit silly a thing to get to brag about, because I am well aware that a handful of disorders that make me terrified of even leaving my apartment, let alone finding a job, are the reasons for my high numbers, but I'd be awfully impressed if there were people with more total time logged onto this game than I have, even with my 5.X hiatus.

Err, my point was going to be, that even with such insane hours, my highest /played character still doesn't even come close to the highest reported here, as in, yeah, altoholics will never score super well individually.

* Moved to a new server without being able to transfer, in early 2014, so adding up /played time on that server a year after my first achievements there made for an easy year-check.