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I obsessed over this game at first, It was great, Leveling was tougher then too. With only my Main for a long time his time went way up, then thinking I was getting to the End (Not much left to see) I stopped (other games). Coming back and playing a lot then Zakuul came and soon got Burned out with nothing but grinding, same flashpoints, grinding and more grinding I stopped. Feeling empty with only one character stuck in Zakuul I created a SI, ran them all through the class stories all my Favorite FPs and lost interest (Nothing left to do). Then periods of playing those 2 and periods of only Forums (and other games). Not Long ago I replayed KOTOR again and now have a 3rd, Jedi Knight again the same sequence, Obsess with the Class story, FPs, grinding, also again another player stopped at the wall Of Zakuul. Its too much to lose I think for now.
yup back in the early days you had to do your class quests, all the planetary quests, flashpoints, and even farm some mobs to get enough xp to have the first mission on the next planet be yellow instead of red. My pub main also has a huge stockpile of Alliance crates (over 600 each now I think) from running heroics over and over, also lots of play time adding up there.