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10.04.2017 , 06:54 PM | #9
I obsessed over this game at first, It was great, Leveling was tougher then too. With only my Main for a long time his time went way up, then thinking I was getting to the End (Not much left to see) I stopped (other games). Coming back and playing a lot then Zakuul came and soon got Burned out with nothing but grinding, same flashpoints, grinding and more grinding I stopped. Feeling empty with only one character stuck in Zakuul I created a SI, ran them all through the class stories all my Favorite FPs and lost interest (Nothing left to do). Then periods of playing those 2 and periods of only Forums (and other games). Not Long ago I replayed KOTOR again and now have a 3rd, Jedi Knight again the same sequence, Obsess with the Class story, FPs, grinding, also again another player stopped at the wall Of Zakuul. Its too much to lose I think for now.