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10.04.2017 , 06:00 PM | #1
So, with all this talk about name preservation criteria, I was wondering what the /played time was for all my characters. I was especially curious since I've heard people toss around numbers like 100, 200, or even 300 days. So I checked my main, who I have had since early access and played regularly since. She clocked in at 48 days, 13 hours.

Which has me wondering...are there actually people with 100+ days on a single character? I was kind of hoping that people throwing around those numbers were just exaggerating. I mean, I'm not even close to that after playing almost nightly since Dec 2011, although I have always divided my time between alts as well, so that lowers all of them overall.

My next highest alt was at 15 days. I was actually surprised that I had several alts with higher times than other alts who I considered "more important." I finally figured out what was causing this discrepancy: KOTFE and KOTET. Those are two VERY long storylines, and every character I had who I'd taken through them had higher times than the ones who had not, even when my perception was that I'd played other chars more.

What's your highest /played time? That of your next highest alt?