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Hey folks,

We have made the decision to rename The Hot Prospect server to Satele Shan. Since we announced the new server names, we have received some concerns from people regarding the name The Hot Prospect. Specifically, that phrase could be taken in slang terms to be derogatory towards certain individuals. We take this very seriously as we would never want to create a situation where someone is made uncomfortable by something such as a server name.

We will be updating all of our communications (such as the FAQ and blog) to reflect the new name in the coming days. Thank you for your understanding.

While I will be playing on the Darth Malgus mainly, I am very happy to see you guys have adressed the concerns of the people fearing what the name Hot Prospect might do. I think Satele Shan is a brilliant name and it gives me hope that you will also listen to the concerns of the RP community and take the right steps to ensure RP can happen publically safely and without trolls
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