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Personally, I think name retention should be ranked based on how long you have continuously subbed for the game. It rewards the players that have stuck with the game through thick and thin. It also penalizes those who have been back for a short period and then left again who have little invested in the game. There are probably very few who have been around since launch but that is a huge investment and they should get something more for it than a decoration to put in their strongholds.

I really don't think someone who subs the day before the merger should have any advantage over someone who is F2P or preferred, especially since in all likelihood those people would cancel their subscription shortly after getting their "name"

I would rank it like this (after whatever name purge criteria is set, but anyone currently subbed should not be purged regardless of whether they have played in the last 3 months or the level of their character):

1) longest continuous sub
2) longest total sub (non-continuous)
3) most accumulated play time (by character) regardless of status
I have to disagree, sure it's not optimal that the person who subs one day before the merge gets priority over someone who has played for several years, but yet this is a game that people are paying to play, regardless when they subscribed, they should be treated better than people who are not. Giving priority to people who are not currently subscribed makes no sense, a game should always favour its subscribers.

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