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"Claiming the throne for their respective factions" would mean Theron wanted to claim it for the Republic but after Iokath and Umbara that doesn't seem true at all. I think Valkorion was just trying to distance you from your allies. Especially since he comes up with an excuse to accuse Lana and Theron but also Arcann and Senya. If it was specific to Theron I'd think there was more to it but as it is I think Valkorion is just messing with you.
I agree with that as well. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest yet the most effective trick in the book to defeating someone or something. Valkorion/Sith Emperor has lived looong enough to know how effective this is. Seeing as how he's an outstanding manipulator, it doesn't surprise me at all that he will throw all of his tricks to isolate and distance the PC from all of his/her allies during the key moment of gaining the throne.