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With all due respect but they're on a big project called server merges for the next month and then their next step is to bring out 5.6 a few weeks after that will have some big changes for CXP gain already planned.

I'm sure it sucks for you to have to wait a month or two but I'm thinking that their reaction to this is going to be
Tell that to the number of people doing dailies these days...Don't take my word for it but just go to any dailies and you will see a number of players you never seen before in a single map. At times, there are too many that you need to use a PvP map to finish up a daily. Again, for some probably NOT important but from what I have seen there are a lot more people doing dailies these days than ever before. For them it would be a huge disappointment if this is not thought well before implementing something permanent.
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