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Yeah I agree with OP...although I like her character among the many npcs she is one of the most interesting but for a Sith Inquisitor her constant contemplation ahem bickering of still being somehow connected to the jedi way is irritating. Of course I have no problem that there is a grey jedi there to balance some of the maniacal tendencies of the the sith inquisitor but to really push Ashara's character forward to something interesting there needs to be a critical choice or point of no return defined defined for her. She could become a grey jedi - someone who walks the middle path if the sith inquisitor is lightsided/neutral or she could become something more akin to a cool-headed ds Jeassa.

Basically her reaction to becomming abandoned by the jedi order after her decision is like her living in an alternative reality or lala land. After a while she should just embrace the teachings of her new master (the sith inquisitor) and be either grey or dark.