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In my experience on EbHawk, RP is conducted through /say and /emote, rather than general, which is considered an OOC channel, so non-RPers ((and folks just not currently in a scene)) have a place for their chat. As to the convention to convention protection... historically RP-based servers have at least a plurality of the population who joined for the purpose of being around or participating in RP, whereas attempting to RP on other servers can often be met with player-bashing, trolling, and such; no one likes AFKers in pvp who just sit around and trash talk, same goes for RP activities and folks spamming abilities and making crude remarks/ covering everyone in vehicles.

The main fear, founded or not, is that the consolidation removes the social contract of ''I join this server knowing that it is meant to support an RP community, and I don't mind them being around and doing their thing''. Is it official? No, not any more, with the removal of server tags, but it is still the general consensus on an RP server to report/ not actively encourage trolling of RPers, whereas that support network can be absent in other servers.
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