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Quote: Originally Posted by Totemdancer View Post
Does that mean you want a discussion with the community or want to suggest it to the Devs.
Both. I reject the false choice you present.

Quote: Originally Posted by Totemdancer View Post
If itís a discussion with the community, then the other poster is right. There are multiple other threads going regarding RPers and the coming changes. If itís to ask Bioware to change their policy, have you thought about posting it in the suggestions area?
No, the other poster is wrong. As I mentioned recently, I am making a specific proposal here, not looking to merely talk about this or that poster's take on what life will be like for RP'ers after the server merger. You seem to be implying that a thread advocating a specific policy is not done in general discussion and I find that suggestion to be highly dubious. Given that the thread is already posted and I do not have powers to move threads, nor would it make sense to re-post the exact same thread in a different sub-forum, your suggestion that I do so is misleading.
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