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I admin that you're gotten my interest. Your statement is a bit vague, is the current rate too little for your, do you think it too much? Why can't you be bothered when you can gear a toon well in a couple of weeks without boosts?
I've hit tier 3 now and I've started to realise the grind for CXP is turning into a job. I'm not enjoying doing it. The purpose of videogames is enjoyment. It's why I stopped playing JRPGs due to excessive grind in some of them.

It's similar to how I don't understand why some people log in and do nothing but gawk at the GTN. That also seems dangerously close to being a job too.

I want to play a videogame, not take up another job. Hence why I'm just not interested anymore.

Now if they branch it out to more places my interest may increase. However the whole system is flawed, if BW spread all that high end gear throughout the existing content we'd have a videogame again.

Tier 1 through lower end content, Tier 2 through intermediate content and 3 and 4 through high end stuff.

One more thing as well, I hate PUGs and my guilds have precious few members these days, even getting the active members talking is a struggle never mind grouping up. So that kinda renders grinding CXP pointless too.

Maybe the mergers will improve the latter situation, I guess we'll see. For now CXP is grinding for the sake of grinding, so I'm not doing it.

Tl;Dr : CXP = Job so not doing it.
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