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I Second that feeling as well. For once it did not feel as too much GRIND but tolerable. Balance first before removing ANY progress. This is NOT an exploit but a betterment of quality of life for players. If they ever care about this game they should take feedback and act upon it too.
Amen, the CXP at these levels feels right where it should have been since 5.0 launched because we can gear out main, off spec, and alts in a normal amount of time instead of just exclusively grinding our main. That means that I can finally enjoy the game and do other activities instead of grinding. It also means that I can raid more because I have more than one serviceable toon so I can run group finder on off nights, help my guild's other raid teams when they need a sub and honestly just enjoy the game. As Keith stated, with the increased CXP the players have been happier and honestly from the drastic increase in numbers of players in daily zones more active.