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Yeah. When you can only have a dozen characters, six per page is OK. Not perfect, but OK.

After the merges, when one of the new US servers will have the characters from FIVE old servers, a player might end up with 260 characters. At six per page, that's completely unmanageable.

You left off "last log in time, most recent at the top" (what we have now) and 'last log in time, least recent at the top", which helps if you want to make a grand tour to check mail. It might also be a good idea to have "Advanced Class" be "class then advanced class" so all the troopers are together, commandos then vanguards.

You play Guild Wars 2?

Yup, thought so. You play GW2. Well, maybe not, but exactly this feature is in GW2, and yeah, it's a real time-saver, especially if you have a Copper-Fed Salvage Tool and therefore never have to worry about running out of salvage kits to remove all that rubbish blue and green gear you keep finding.
Yeah, I started playing GW2 about a month ago because I saw no light at the end of the swtor tunnel and decided I’d join my partner and friends who were playing it.
The QOL features you’ve mentioned are just so good. Even being able to check the “auction/GTN/blacklion” to list things or buy them where ever you are is great.
I just got my first mount tonight in GW2 (Raptor). The movement, mechanics and animations for it are amazing. I spent all night exploring and jumping to amazing places, but the whole time I kept thinking, this is what my Rancor or Tauntan should be like. My partner and I spent hours exploring on them tonight and I think every minute I was muttering how awesome it would be if my mounts were like this in swtor.
Anyway, I got side tracked talking about my new mount, oops. Sorry.

I really do hope Keith sees this thread and looks at some of the ideas.