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10.04.2017 , 10:30 AM | #3
I like Ashara's character. I get that t's tough when everything is "one size fits all," but she really gets along quite well with a pragmatic, Dark 1 - 2 Nox.

My guess is she'll be brought back by a hand-waved 60sec cutscene, or by an alert, like so many other characters who have gotten snubbed. It's been two years now since the Outlander has been awake, and it's a bit silly now that so many are still out there. And they can't use the "jail" excuse for all of them like they did with Quinn. And seriously, Khem is even Force-bonded to the Inquisitor...what could possibly be their excuse there, since Khem would have known all along that his master was never dead to begin with? Sorry for my rant, I'm just a bit bitter at this point because some classes have gotten nearly all of their companions back while others, like the Inq, have only gotten one...via alert...meaning they played absolutely no part in anything.
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