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To my understanding, RP'ers on Ebon Hawk engage in role play on general chat. A lot of people will find this to be weird, dumb or a good opportunity for trolling. This will naturally cause conflict and trolling. In so far as RP'ers should be allowed to RP, and in so far as Bioware needs their money, it is therefore stupid to allow this to occur.

Therefore, the easy no-brainer common sense solution is to have some kind of reasonable accommodation to prevent these clashes. It could be a separate RP instance that is augmented by enhanced ignoring and squelching options on that instance.

The wrong thing to do is BW's unfortunate modus operandi of sailing straight into something stupid without showing that it has an interest in averting said stupidity in the future, as well as failing to take prompt action to avoid said stupidity.

P.S. As a player on Harbinger, I would also add that adding role players to Harb is just not going to work and all Harb players know that they won't be able to RP in gen chat.
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