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Wait, what?
Musco and Charles said in the stream they were done with the balancing. They may make more changes if things aren’t as they expect them to be, but otherwise they are done.
No where have I read in the roadmap or heard them say they will be doing any more changes than what they’ve already announced.
Quote: Originally Posted by ROADMAP
A Traitor Among the Chiss – Game Update 5.6 – November 28, 2017
NAHUT – The 3rd Boss Encounter for Gods from the Machine Operation
New Flashpoint on Copero – Find out what Theron’s been up to with the Chiss
New PvP map
New GSF Map set in the Orbit above Iokath
Group Finder Revamp – Significant upgrades to how you queue for multiplayer and solo activities – huge bonuses for all Random play choices, but also allows for easy selection of individual activities such as Daily Areas, Flashpoints, and Operations.

Class Balance changes and a variety of utility adjustments
Launch of Legacy-wide currencies for Credits and Unassembled Components
Galactic Command upgraded disintegrate system – this QoL improvement changes how disintegrate works and instead of CXP gives you legacy-bound Unassembled Components
Ensign Raina Temple returns!
Distribution of Special United Forces Rewards
They mentioned utility changes in 5.6 in a forum post before the roadmap was a thing. Roadmap just gave a date. It is known.