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1. Allow the front screen to display more characters at once than it already does. Listing them all and putting them in a scroll wheel would be the best. If they are in the scroll function, you can add a sort features
Yeah. When you can only have a dozen characters, six per page is OK. Not perfect, but OK.

After the merges, when one of the new US servers will have the characters from FIVE old servers, a player might end up with 260 characters. At six per page, that's completely unmanageable.
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2. Sort features for characters on the front screen so you can sort by -
  • Advanced Class
    Professions (crafters, which many of use will have many multiples of)
You left off "last log in time, most recent at the top" (what we have now) and 'last log in time, least recent at the top", which helps if you want to make a grand tour to check mail. It might also be a good idea to have "Advanced Class" be "class then advanced class" so all the troopers are together, commandos then vanguards.
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4. Add a seperate tab to the Legacy Storage that is for crafting materials only. It should be large enough to accommodate at least one stack of every crafting material in the game.
You play Guild Wars 2?
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5. (This is a QOL thing I’ve just experienced in another game) When we have collected crafting materials that are in our normal cargo, allow us to right click on them and deposit them straight into the legacy crafting tab section (proposed above) from anywhere in the game. Meaning we wouldn’t need to go back there to deposit them all the time or even remove them from the legacy crafting tab when we need to use them.
Yup, thought so. You play GW2. Well, maybe not, but exactly this feature is in GW2, and yeah, it's a real time-saver, especially if you have a Copper-Fed Salvage Tool and therefore never have to worry about running out of salvage kits to remove all that rubbish blue and green gear you keep finding.
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