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I expect bf2 to die in a month just like bf1 did, but I'm also going to try it.
Still, doesn't change the fact that on a fundamental level the PVP in the game is extremely limited it's basically PVP with training wheels, it's slow response wise, non-interactive it's a current generation MMO designed to compete with a previous generation MMO which severely limits potential going forward it will be the same game as it is today for the life of the game balance swings come and go but the engine "HERO" will be the same which is the issue.

I don't want to turn the post into a negative nancy post, The customer service I have received in the game has been top notch, I know some of the grunts that work on this game and they truly care and do good work despite EA not paying for a proper customer playtest environment. The current designer seems to what to improve the game, actively listens to the player base but the sub numbers are down and concurrent logins are at all time low this is a good old fashion server merge wrap in a event

I'm not expecting you to care it's my opinion but with so few "Whales" supporting this game I know EA/Bioware cares.

Good Luck with whatever server you choose and your future gaming endeavors