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Laughable some of the posts here...lets see if all story/solo players leave, what will happen to the few left narrowthinkers...I personally do all content multiple times for years already, but a whole year without good quality story, because 5 min is not a story is pathethic considering some MMOS deliver it monthly. Yeah...I am not going to do a 1 new OPS for a whole year like a retard or 1 new pvp/gsfl map or 1 new uprising or 1 new flashpoint and be satisfied with the game or have any incentive to stay. I have done all the OPS so many times that I dread doing them anymore so new story is refreshing. I have done so many matches on PVP and GSF...but its grows boring, you cant do that all the time. But I guess we can all go back and play KOTOR and see how it goes.
It won't go well when either group leaves. The majority however left close to launch because there wasn't anything engaging to do after the story.
Shouldn't that at least ring some kind of bell? This game does need group play just like it does story. We just can't always have both at the same time.
5minutesof story isn't enough and I'd like more too, but if EA isn't willing to provide the money, what are we supposed to do? apart from complain. At this point I take what I can get.

Story at least doesn't require people to continuesly sub, some of my friends take comfort in that. It's less money for BW, but that's just how it is. /Shrug.
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