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10.04.2017 , 01:55 AM | #24
Laughable some of the posts here...lets see if all story/solo players leave, what will happen to the few left narrowthinkers...I personally do all content multiple times for years already, but a whole year without good quality story, because 5 min is not a story is pathethic considering some MMOS deliver it monthly. Yeah...I am not going to do a 1 new OPS for a whole year like a retard or 1 new pvp/gsfl map or 1 new uprising or 1 new flashpoint and be satisfied with the game or have any incentive to stay. I have done all the OPS so many times that I dread doing them anymore so new story is refreshing. I have done so many matches on PVP and GSF...but its grows boring, you cant do that all the time. But I guess we can all go back and play KOTOR and see how it goes.