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Honestly this is why I suggested all group content having a story mode thats soloable etc then both sides can benifit at the same time. They could add story to everything inc ops of they just made a story mode version that doesn't include the high end loot -- just repeatable story.

It feels a bit like they dropped the ball with the last flashpoint because although the instance is repeatable the story that goes with it is not. Back to having to level chars right the way through just to see certain aspects of the story again. Thats just not how you do things for story players imo.
I just don't think they are receiving the recourses to do that.🤔 I think we're getting what we're, getting because this is all they're willing to give us. I'm not talking about BW.

It would be nice to get the story to be repeatable, I thought that's why it was in an FP to begin with.
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