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Why are you taking what I wrote word for word? I didn't have the exact dialog when I wrote my post, but because I wrote the word betray you have to correct the way I chose my words? You tell me then what does "claim the throne for their respective factions" mean if not a betrayal? Because "plotting the downfall" and "claiming the throne" are words describing a betrayer even if Valkorian didn't use the exact word betray.
Wow, defensive much?

I'm just saying that he doesn't outright say "watch out, your advisers are going to betray you in the future." What he says, and how he says it, is more of a means to try and unbalance the Outlander, because he knows he's going to mind-pounce in just a few minutes. Like a psyche-out.

If it was actual and true foreshadowing to Umbara, I don't believe BioWare would have left it locked behind a "dead Arcann" gate when most people leave him alive. And if Arcann is alive, and he's with the Outlander, Valkorion fingers him and Senya instead as potential threats in the same exact conversation. So, again, I don't think it's true foreshadowing of the actual "betrayal" later.

Sorry if my opinion on the matter is an issue for you.
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