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According to the LiveStream, your strongholds won't be affected at all. They're still be open and decorated, regardless of how they were purchased.

You will also have any of your strongholds from other servers, if they merge into the same destination server. This means you might have more than one Coruscant apartment and so forth.

However, you won't be able to buy a new stronghold until you close existing ones to get below the new cap of 10. If you have 4 strongholds in total on all servers now, you'll have a new limit of 10 and can buy 6 more. If you had 4 on one server, 4 on a second server, and 4 on a third server, you would have to shut 3 down (12-3=9) to buy a new one.

Interesting fact about decorations --
"Decorations are not impacted by the United Forces update. If you have more than one Legacy which are combined as part of the update, you will have access to each decoration equal to the highest decoration among your Legacies. Ex: On the Skywalker Legacy you have 4 Basic Metal Chairs, on the Organa Legacy you have 15 Basic Metal Chairs. After the update, you will have a combined Legacy with 15 Basic Metal Chairs. It is possible that you may end up with more decorations placed than you own after the update. If this happens, you cannot place any more of that decoration until you go below your owned value. "
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