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10.03.2017 , 09:36 PM | #1
There's a guild member that i haven't seen online for over a month. He had some pretty severe health concerns. It's a good chance he may have passed away, or he could simply have moved on to other games. He's an avid gamer, or perhaps he's no longer got the money or access to play swtor.

I don't want his info or anything, I just want to know if there's someone within swtor/ bioware I can contact to get a message relayed. Perhaps sent to his account inbox, that if he's okay that he's missed. Or that if he's passed away, that maybe we can find out and honor him somehow. I know I will likely never know, and I shouldn't expect any kind of reply.

But, while this is just a game, any player I talk to is more than a toon filling in a role. They are a person and I can't stand the idea of not reaching out.

So who do I talk to? Who do I contact within swtor/ bioware/ etc? Can I do anything at all?

YES I WORRY TOO MUCH... thanks. I'm not going to post his name here because I don't feel it's appropriate when it can be equally as likely he's fine and just not playing swtor.