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Totally agree. These solo players got spoiled way too much.

The fact is there is no reason they can't do BOTH at the same time.

If all group content also had a solo / story mode and included story that'd go a long way to including two of the larger groups that occupy this game. They've done it with flashpoints they could also do the same with uprisings and operations. With flashpoints the story mode versions just allowed story players to DO them and gain story along the way without any of the phat lewts or with only decor loots. More then enough to appease.

Currently 'story mode' in said content ( Ops and Uprisings ). A big majority of people who are solely here for the story are also soloers ( no not all but a big chunk of them ). All groups could be appeased at the same time with a little thought and due attention.

It's all fine for you all to say but you got story for 2 years, well now we have had a year with almost zero story so its swinging around and yep we are getting antsy same as non story players started getting antsy after a year of almost zero content. We all need to be understanding of each others play styles and find solutions for all where possible.

All those solo players should really really look up for what those two "m"s in MMORPG stand for...

Comments like these do not help, at all. There are a vast number of reasons why people prefer to solo or only play with a friend or two -- often times these are related to mental illnesses outside of those peoples control. Should they be completely cut off from playing these amazing games just because they play it differently to some? There are a LOT of solo players in every "MMO" and they help to keep the game afloat and pay their fees just as everyone else does. No one is more entitled then another.

Add to that, SWTOR is an expansion of what WAS a single player RPG originally ( KOTOR ) so was always going to attract even more 'story solo players' into the mix.