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Ashara was mentioned on the live stream today around the 9:13 mark into it .. I am kind of glad she will be back, and a kind of worried.

See, we "turned" her to the dark side when we met with her, whether we manipulated her into it, or brazenly assaulted her into it, the cinematic on Taris depicts the red aura around her, with her declaring her own realization of "what Have I done, the Jedi won't take me back now" . Only in the next scene to have her standing among her masters as if nothing had occured.

at the beginning of Taris, it is stated she is a padawan, however, while on the ship and in other dialogues, she can never seem to let go of being a Jedi, though not actually having graduated from being a padawan. It really starts to grate on the nerves of a dark sith lord when having to try and comfort a wana-be-jedi.

If you bring her back, which you stated you were planning on doing, I would really hope her personality has changed to the point where she has had to kill jedi, no longer sees herself as one, and is no longer acting like a lost puppy looking up to you saying "I follow you" ... It would be nice, if when we stumble upon her, she's terrorizing a few people, and progressively getting in over her head surrounded.

although I suppose I could just kill her as I only used her to gain access to the holocron.

Otherwise,I'm hoping Darth Hexid can replace her..
now I know some of you will say "But ! , Xalek is our real apprentice" ... however, he was picked from a hand full gone through the trials and what we essentially "ended up with"

Anyway, that is my wishes and hopes for if you bring Ashara Zavros back.. that she is more sith than wishy washy day dreaming of jedi.

As for this play through, all convos on my ship i'm going to try and make her hate me, but it seems as though she was not written that way.
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