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Please excuse me but it's been a while, I don't know why I am still subscribed to this tread. I think you are talking about an area where there is a long hallway with little rooms. there are 4 places that have to be shot, stabbed, force pushed. they are small one is above a door, I think another is above you. Thing is the Heroics are not just tuned power wise for 4 level 53 - 55 players, you need to hit stuff simultaneously with the other players, meaning you might want to start finding three other people that still need to finish this quest line. Honestly I think it's time for the Devs to consider making this and the seeker quests soloable.
yes you can go to the end solo but its very hard to find groups for the Seed or Micro end this should be a Group finder heroic to help players f-2-p or sub finish and enjoy these things that took the team awhile to make for us. right now they are both frustrating and needlessly painful for players finding a wall blocking progress.. needless respawns hurt community fun. further more the mechanic of frogger is bad for people w slow or lag.. connections. less then ideal or perfect connections the dev tm is let down by QA that is not SW TOR people here big time. when you have nice thoughtful CSR they just send you here to find real answers and thus long waits for replies are common.