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Quote: Originally Posted by Severith View Post
Exactly this. What happens when you stun a sorc who's casting force storm? It stops.

What happens when you stun a sniper (if you can)? Nothing. The plasma probe keeps going.
Agreed, if this guy wants fairness then instead of changing sorc (again), we should make his ability channeled, and get rid of all of his avoid stun abilities so he can be stunned and interrupted as easily as a sorc, and shrink his ability diameter to the size of the sorc force storm and then add back in the cap interrupt. That's the fairness he is asking for, he just doesn't know it.

And on a side note, sorcs have been nerfed utterly to the ground already, how DARE anyone ask for ANY ability of the sorcs to be nerfed further. You have got a lot of nerve. Especially coming from one of the 2 utter-total-BS classes in 5.0. Seriously. Frankly the only way to restore class balance in 5.x at this point would simply be to get rid of sniper and merc classes completely. Chumps that play those 1 button, easy to play, free kills, unfair advantage classes can simply re-roll a challenging class. That's fair. So may not want to start asking for too much fairness.