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Ah interesting insight. I do agree SF could potentially have more balanced factions as you mentioned. The split between solo and group would be somewhat surprising. The few group ranked players left also tend to solo ranked in my experience. Though that may just be because 4s activity is inconsistent typically.
I could see HP having better solo ranked but I'm not convinced that it *definitely* will just yet. You never know who will start queuing up for solos if they actually pop for them now.

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Oh man, that is a good selling point.

But knowing him, he will find out you guys play at SF and just follow you over there and throw matches.

There is no escaping the Phobos.
I don't really think he cares about throwing games on anyone in particular as long as he's getting his attention fix. And if the number of people in queue is higher (it presumably will be) it will be noticeably less likely to get games in the garbo bracket where he's inevitably at. Assuming you've already got some rating of course...