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10.03.2017 , 11:16 AM | #6
I'll definitely have a presence on both servers and I'm going to see how the shuffle goes but I would much prefer to play on SF as long as the PVP scene there isn't noticeably worse (and I kind of doubt it will be for the reasons y'all have already mentioned). I will be encouraging the few people left in my guild to consider moving there as well.

  • 10 ping instead of 70
  • I have no particular love for harbinger's pvp community
  • Sounds like a lot of the players I want to share a server with are also going to SF
  • Suspect group ranked will be less dead on SF and solo ranked similar enough not to be a problem
  • No phobos throwing solo ranked games for 6 hours a day

If we get enough momentum to start snowballing SF early we can keep it going and turn the server into, at the very least, an acceptable alternative to harb for pvp pops.
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