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10.03.2017 , 09:08 AM | #1
Gold Farming:
I have sent several requests regarding the gold farming and how annoying this is, asking why it's
allowed to continue. There are 8-10 gold farming assassins on Yavin4 (Prophecy of Five) constantly
blocking you from any resources and making it very hard to complete your mission. How is this going
to be handled with server merging? ( As this exists on every server) So it could mean up to over 20-30
gold farmers! Also the spamming of gold for sale in game emails to every player! This is something
that is discussed almost everyday in game, but it continues. If you can't do anything about it I have
a suggestion; because they have not completed much content they should be only allowed to be in
PvP instances! Let the players take care of it!

Planetary Missions:
Was wondering if a drop down menu could be created to pick and choose which planetary you
want to do? This could be created much like the Heroic mission station. Just a thought.