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It is not very likely that che classes is ever going to get a canon story based on them since the choices in gameplay is to diverse to make ever player happy with a possible canon-novel/comic/sequel-game or (dare I hope for it?) movie.

But if there ever was a canonized version of the story we have played how do you think that our beloved characters are going to be remebered by the time of let's say the clone wars?

They have without a doubt made a mark on history even if they were around for just short time. Everyone remember Revan, Malgus and VItiate by the time of the clone wars so it only stands to reason that they also remeber the people who killed them. I am makiong very lose statements here since much is player-determined but we know for a fact that Revan was killed the first time by the Imperial characters.

They have also made quite the mark on the galaxy in theur short time.
The SI was the greatest prodige I have ever seen in Star Wars media. Going from mere slave and novice to being able to defeat a terentetek and Deshade with the within weeks (at the most) of his/her training. He/she also became a master of sitc sorcery in a span of maybee a year or two whuch is just insane considering how long Zannah had to studie just to cast the madness spell, The SI was also prophicesed to destroy th VOss way of life and we have not seen that yet so even if the Outlander is not the SI we know that he/she is still out there.
The SW would also be rembered as a warrior of fierce renown going from acolyte to destroying armies singlehandedly in a very short time. And he/she also had a very large part to play in the events of the era as well.
The JK is alsosomeone who is going to be remembered as a great hero of the order. Killing Vititate and all, that is not omething you forget.
The Barsen'thor is pssobly best remebered of them all. The third one to have been given that title until that point. I also seem to remember that the tomb Jaden Jorr sealed permanently was dedicated to the JC.

So what do you think? Are they remembered as titans of their era? Or are they just footnotes on history?