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10.03.2017 , 08:07 AM | #85
To revive this thread I'll tell about the DF I did last night.

Basically it took a while to find a group (weird since this was prime time on harby, is not doing ops an imp thing?). I was on my operative healer, and finally when someone else started looking for a group in fleet chat I asked if he wanted to look together and we grouped up. Found everything but tanks (of course, when I want to heal we get a healer, when I want to tank we get a tank). Eventually our PT says he has tank gear and can swap for the last boss and we get an actual tank so we pull in a 5th dps and go.

After Nefra 2 people dc. Keep in mind it took us longer to form this group than kill Nefra lol. I'm like great, this isn't happening. But the 6 of us left were patient and when they didn't return in 5 minutes or so we requeued and got replacements. Finished the op with no problems, PT fake tank didn't even have to swap to tank. So shout out to imp side harby for being patient last night! And to whoever the PT dps was, you were quite an adaptable team player.