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I'm interested to see where people intend to pvp on their primary chatacters in NA.

Not since Season 3 on Prophecy of the Five has the East Coast had a viable competitive pvp server with the player base to support it. As we all know, Harbinger has been the de facto hub of swtor pvp for a couple years now.

One thing I was thinking about was how populations on the two coasts would be affected by mergers.

West Coast: Hot Prospect
Harb- Current NA pvp hub, largest ranked participation
BC- Probably has decent regular war zone participation, never played on it
Bastion- Dead

East Coast: Star Forge
Ebon Hawk- 2nd largest pvp base, less ranked participation than Harb
Jedi Covenant- My original server from 2012-2013, once had a number of excellent pvp guilds but now primarily regular warzone participation that is likely less than BC
Shadowlands- Average regular warzone community comparable to JC, small ranked community
Jung Ma- Life support
Pot5- What is dead may never die

Looking at this list from my opinion, the server merger will benefit east coast more than west coast. I believe EH + JC + Shadowlands surpasses Harbinger + BC in regular warzone participation and may be comparable in ranked post-merge. An additional small benefit is EU players will have better ping and time zones to play in on East Coast should they choose to play there.

My personal preference will be East Coast as that's where I live, and it's a matter of 15 m/s versus 130 m/s. I haven't been (cautiously) excited about a swtor patch since the 3.0 era but the prospect of finally being able to return to East Coast with a population that supports a healthy endgame pvp scene is very appealing to me. I would imagine endgame PvE will see a boost as well.

West Coast should still have a very healthy pvp scene (for 2017) but in my experience with prior server merges and character transfers, ranked pvpers tend to gravitate to one server and it will be interesting to see where those chips land.
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