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10.03.2017 , 07:18 AM | #30
My only question is.. what is going to happen to inactive players and their character names?

Are they going to be put into some vast expanse that contains their data but free up all of their names? I was away from the game for quite a stretch, and while I'm back and an active subscription now I went and checked the servers I'm merging with.. While quite a few of my characters names were available on those servers, they characters that I mainly play are not. So I'm expecting to have to name change to be honest.

Now this in itself doesn't bother me, but when I created a couple of new characters recently I spent over an hour finding names that the system would accept. While I know we can create names with spaces in them, that isn't my preferred naming style. I prefer one name no spaces.

If they did put inactive players into a void and completely free up their names, it would make our lives easier if we do in fact have to rename.
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