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While I understand the attachment to ones character names, I really wonder about your names in particular, I have one server merge and later another transfer of my whole legacy behind me and out of around 40 characters there was one I had to rename and that name just was a very common name so not really a surprise.
Obviously there are fun and polular names a lot of people would like, I have some of those, but I wouldn't unsub over chars I played for maybe 100 hours, just because I was the first to grab that name on my server.

My main really grew on me in the 117 days /played, though. The name itself isn't anything special, but in this case the answer to "what's in a name?" is "everything". The name is taken on the other servers, but being on a high pop server that gets merged with two "dead" ones, I'm confident that the other players don't play anymore or moved to another server and left those chars behind.

If I lose the name, I will first try to bargain, with everything I have to offer, including giving up other names. If that doesn't work, then my time with SWTOR may come to an end, as that char was what kept me playing as a single-player who originally just went slumming in the MMO community, because there was a lack of good RPGs in late 2012. Meanwhile I have accounts and even subs in other MMOs but keep coming back to Swtor, and not really because of stellar story, exciting gameplay or marvelous technology.
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