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"Bringing players together as United Forces in larger numbers offers multiple benefits to players, first of which is the ease of jumping into multiplayer activities. Once the United Forces update is live, any group activity you would want to participate in will have a much larger volume of players queueing at any time that you are looking to play, including Operations, Flashpoints, PvP Warzones, Uprisings, and Galactic Starfighter battles."

I guess I'm gonna play premade, too. When all people play Premade, the Premade vs. PUG Poblem doesn't exist anymore.

And the server reduction leads to better matchmaking because the number of players increases and the matchmaking has a larger pool.

If the balancing is correct (my GS will surely have a little bit less range and that's also good as long as Battlescout is adjusted) I am really happy.
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