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What pedestal? Think you've got that backwards. I'm not the one threatening to quit a game because I think my character names are so important

I get if you have an attachment to it but there are thousands of other players and your rights to a name aren't any more special than their's. End of the day it's just a name. Simply telling you to chill.
You're the one coyly amusing yourself at the expense of the RP community all over the forum. Anyway, this part of the discussion is unimportant.

A lot more is contained in a name than you seem to think, and it's not a question of who has a right to it. Look at WoW, how they've managed to preserve names with number tags, or even how BioWare is solving the guild name problem. That they couldn't make a similar system work for character names is absurd.

But at the end of the day, my characters' identities are tied up intrinsically in their names, and if they want to play "only one person gets it" and it's not me, I'm out. Call me selfish or whatever adjectives you'd like, that's just a fact. And at least half of my friends have said the exact same thing. They're treading into dangerous turf with the RP community and may end up losing a lot of us if they don't do this well and with minimal impact. I'm sure that's a calculated risk, though, as we've said all along we don't need server merges - that was the PvE and PvP crowds.

A poster before me also mentioned that some players have spent substantial amounts of real money for name changes, which is an excellent point. Whatever the legal obligations, and I'm sure they've covered their own arses so they don't technically have to honor anything, the only right thing to do is either give priority to those who purchased the name with CC, or refund the CC. It'd be pretty shady otherwise, and not instill confidence in them for players thinking about buying such services in the future if they're not going to be honored.
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