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I just see it as yet another iteration on the story of lightsaber crystals. It's not like it's the first change, or even the most radical

Some of the earlier material had the lightsaber crystals being nothing special at all, but rather the process of fabrication being all important ("I, Jedi" goes into a fair amount of detail). Young Jedi Knights had them even less special, where not only were the crystals not particularly special beyond sentimental reasons, the lightsabers themselves could be assembled relatively quickly and easily.

It wasn't until KOTOR that the mystical nature of the lightsaber crystals was really popularized. To the best of my knowledge this is also when the colours gained special significance (and has since spawned many discussions about the "special" significance of every other lightsaber colour, which once you factor in the NJO is an exercise in futility)

There has also been significant changes over the years even in the number of crystals that go in a lightsaber, from one to three (off the top of my head) for single bladed sabers.
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