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I have 20 characters all of whom I care about. A single forced name change on any of them will herald my last day in this game I've played since beta. I hope BW knows what they're opening by doing this.
Pretty much any person's approach I have spoken to so far. There was ample opportunity to come up with a number tag system that allows multiple names with different tags. From day one of the new merge discussion thread, people said that they don't want to lose names.

If a single of my over twenty main characters loses the name he had since the early days, then I will be out for good. And don't make any mistake about sunk cost fallacies. We, as in my RP friends and myself, are here for each other's company. Once one person leaves, and that might either be me or another person once she loses names, it's off to WoW for good.

Good luck. Bioware might have done some good with this move, but this can also cause a lot of backlash.

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