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I am also worried about this
in preparation for United Forces. They will once again be online shortly after the United Forces update.
What will happen to my Legacy?

Legacy Name and Level
Since Legacy names are not unique, you will not lose a Legacy name as part of this process. However, if you have two Legacies which are brought together, the name and level of the highest level Legacy will be maintained.

Character Names
In most cases, nothing will happen to your character name. Names will only be impacted when there are two of the exact same name on the new United Forces server at which point a governing system determines which character has priority:
  • Premium players (Subscribers) will have priority over Free-to-Play and Preferred Status players.
  • Highly played characters will have priority over characters with less play time.
To proactively offset unnecessary challenges around character names, we are initiating a process of removing names from long inactive accounts. Any character that has not logged in for 90-days or more which has not progressed beyond level 10 will be flagged to rename their character.
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