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10.02.2017 , 02:20 PM | #12
Yeah ... no new content till november is a no no Bioware, not something you can do right now.

And those server mergers ... please reconsider. There are those of us that like being on quiet servers. And I for one have 44 characters on Red Eclipse and 30 on ToFN, I DO NOT want to remove any of them. So I expect you to allow us to keep them.

And how about some revised heroics? Now definitely with the server mergers, they are needed very much! Dromund Kaas Dark Temple heroic, Mutations heroic on Taris, Coruscant heroic with the card.

Also I think you should extend the bugged CXP until 5.6, why? You promised us revised CXP rates by the time of the new update (and 5.5 is not really an update), so where are they? Oh right, they are coming with 5.6... if they come at all.

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