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I'm a little sad that Nahut won't be released until 5.6; would have been nice if this was communicated earlier so my raid group knew we were under less pressure to get A&E to farm status. We had to take into account the possibility that Nahut would release as early as next week, which would have been very stressful for my group.
I don't mind that boss 4+5 were moved into 2018, we were expecting that anyway.

Great to hear you are finally merging servers, and especially that you are still offering German and French servers for players who do not want to play in English.

Not too sure how I feel about the Copero flashpoint, especially since in the recent podcast you hinted that you would move onto flashpoints as endgame in the future.
While I do think flashpoints are a great endgame content (looking at what Blizzard has done with the Mythic+ dungeons in Legion), in KotET they've gotten ignored. The tuning is way too hard for most players, the gear rewards are non-existant, the decorations were nerfed into the ground, the CXP is laughable.
Umbara MM is very challenging, but there is little reason to do it more than once, or more than 25 times if you are after the achievement. I'd rather that MM was more tuned like the pre-3.0 HM flashpoints, so that it is completeable by a Group Finder group and not just with guildies. But we'll see what the future holds, I don't expect much but please surprise me.

I'm not too interested in the new WZ and GSF map but I suppose I'll check it out to see if I'll like it.

Excited for tomorrow's livestream!
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