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Hey Bioware, why did you remove NPCs that gave heroic quests? They were fun, and there also were some light/dark side choices, too. Now heroics feel like grinding, instead of interesting experience. Could you please consider returning these quest NPCs back?
Some are still there. Some of the ones who are still there *still* give the mission. Example: Gizmel Gam on Ord Mantell. He's still there and still (the last time I looked) gives the mission if you ask him for it. His good friend across the street, previously disguised as a mission terminal for the Savrip Chieftains mission, is still there, but won't talk to you. And poor eight-fingered Travi Pott finally got to leave Ord Mantell.

But yeah, it's a problem if you like talking to them. I got kinda burned out on those three after I used them to grind for Planetary Commendations to buy the 140-rated purple level 50 mods from Makeb back in the day.
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